From The Dan Proft Show:

Robin Hanson, Research Associate at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford U, on why the reopeners are winning the argument against the lockdowning elites. R Street Institute’s Tony Mills calls for a back to basics approach of government-funded pure science research with some historical precedent in support. This is no time for the trivial and the need for pragmatism will shift the US right, argues former VP advisor Grady Means at Spiked Online’s Brendan O’Neill on what Neil Ferguson’s booty call says about politics in the West. Joe Biden wants due process for himself but for no one else when it comes to allegations of sexual assault saying he would rescind DoE Sec. Betsy DeVos’s new Title IX guidelines. And, can someone get him to stop shoehorning the word “intercourse” into every conversation? Updating the Dallas hair salon owner (and the prodigous GoFundMe support she’s received) and Project Veritas’ CBS exposé. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio provided the signature statement for Democrat Socialists in 2020 when he previously said there was plenty of money in America, it’s just in the wrong hands. At that time he meant, rich vs. poor. Now he means public sector vs. private sector as he argues there will be no recovery without federal bailouts of state and local governments.

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