Our Policy Areas

R Street is a think tank build for the modern age. We focus on complex policy issues that other groups tend to neglect. Our work takes the form of deep research, commentary, events and coalition efforts at the national and state levels.

Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties

We work on public policy impacting almost every stage of the criminal justice system: incarceration, juvenile justice, policing, pretrial, bail reform, reentry and sentencing.

Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats

We explore data security and data privacy at the federal and state levels, emerging cyber and national security threats, cyber impacts on the private sector and workforce diversity.

Energy and Environment

We seek to advance a cleaner environment and a thriving economy through principles of market competition, limited government and well-founded science.

Finance and Trade

We explore efficient and effective market-based approaches to public policy questions that involve financial services and free trade.


We aims to assess and improve America’s system of self-governance, with a focus on Congress and our electoral system.

Harm Reduction

Our program is grounded in an understanding that “abstinence only” approaches to risky behavior are ineffective. We recognize that harmful behaviors may continue to happen even as policies are enacted to help mitigate—if not eliminate—those harms.


R Street’s insurance policy program explores efficient and effective market-based approaches to public policy questions that involve the transfer of risk. 

Project on Women and Families

We believe outdated public policy and regulatory barriers make it more difficult to raise healthy families and to participate and succeed in the workforce.

Technology Policy

R Street’s Technology and Innovation policy program supports American innovation and pushes back against regulatory impediments to economic progress, individual liberty and free speech.