From The White House:

Ed: (15:03)
Okay. In imposing Neera Tanden, Republicans and at least one Democrat have said they expected more from the President’s nominees. In the vein of uniting a divided country, what’s your response to that specific criticism that they have leveled that she spent years stoking that divide on the air and online?

Jen Psaki: (15:23)
Well, here’s what I can convey about her work as somebody who ran CAP, the Center For American Progress. She worked with partners across the ideological spectrum to develop consensus solutions to addressing the federal tax code, to improving access to high quality educational opportunities, they partnered with AEI in that effort. She led the effort to work with Freedom Works and others, the R Street Institute on making progress on criminal justice reform. And again, she met with 35 members of the Senate, including Republicans.

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