TALLAHASSEE, Florida (Nov. 8, 2012) – A broad coalition of free-market organizations, taxpayer watchdog groups, and environmentalists will be hosting a press conference and media availability event on Amelia Island, Florida on the morning of November 15, 2012. Representatives of the various organizations present will address how government-subsidized property insurance programs at the state and federal levels continue to put taxpayers, consumers, the environment, life and property at great peril. Participants will additionally discuss meaningful and realistic reform proposals to address these issues and be available for questions.

Florida Wildlife Federation, Friends of the Earth, and Sea Turtle Conservancy are state and national environmental advocacy organizations. The James Madison Institute and R Street Institute are Florida and Washington-based free-market public policy research organizations, respectively. Taxpayers for Common Sense is a taxpayer watchdog group based out of Washington, DC.


R Street is a non-profit public policy research organization that supports free markets; limited, effective government; and responsible environmental stewardship. It has headquarters in Washington, D.C. and branch offices in Tallahassee, Fla.; Austin,Texas; and Columbus, Ohio. Its website is www.redesign.rstreet.org.

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