From S&P Global:

At issue is ERCOT’s Maximum Daily Resource Planned Outage Capacity levels, with ERCOT staff’s proposal setting the maximum at zero for mid-June through mid-September, substantially less than TAC’s minimum proposal at certain other periods, such as early and late autumn, and substantially more than TAC’s minimum proposal at still other periods such as the spring and mid-Autumn.

Beth Garza, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute think tank and former head of Potomac Economics’ independent market monitor office for ERCOT, said the board’s support for ERCOT staff over TAC, “portends a shift away from market participant-influenced actions.”

“ERCOT staff input has always carried great weight with board and stakeholder decisions,” Garza said April 29. “With the new ‘independent’ board, ERCOT staff input will likely become the preponderant input to board decisions.”

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