From Arizona PBS:
WASHINGTON – Arizona election officials said Thursday there were still more than 500,000 ballots to be counted from Tuesday’s elections, but they insisted they are still on schedule to complete the count. Even if that schedule is not as fast as some would like… The process can include confirming signatures, waiting for voters to come in with proper identification for a provisional ballot, and even flattening ballots that may have been wrinkled and folded in the mail, said Ryan Williamson, a governance fellow at the R Street Institute. “They can’t just be snatched up and put into a tabulator,” like ballots cast in-person in a polling place, Williamson said. “They have to be signature-verified and if there’s some sort of error beyond a missing signature, then voters have an opportunity to cure their ballots or fix those mistakes.” Even though voters and candidates may be impatient, Williamson said Arizona is not that far behind other states, all of which were still in the process of counting ballots Thursday. “Arizona’s not even last place in terms of votes counted,” Williamson said.

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