Another member of the new committee, Jonathan Bydlak of the R Street Institute, said ensuring that poll workers and voters feel safe is a crucial building block in securing the democratic process.

“There are a number of facets of election security that are important,” said Bydlak, who directs the center-right think tank’s governance program. “One of those is making sure that ballots are being counted properly, but a lot of it starts with people feeling they’re safe in the first place.”

And while Bydlak said disinformation is one item the committee is going to look at, he said the issues run deeper than the last election and the road to the Jan. 6 attack.

“You can’t separate the online from the in-person,” he said. “The most recent data point was 2020. Trump and his supporters certainly played a big role, but this is a problem that predated the last president.”

But Bydlak also said he thinks that historically, there’s “not much” coordination between election and law-enforcement officials.

“They really don’t talk with each other,” he said. “It hasn’t happened because it hasn’t needed to happen.”

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