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Exploring the Differences in Tobacco Policy Between the United Kingdom and Thailand

Key Points

Tobacco control efforts stalled in Thailand, seeing little decrease in the number of smokers of combustible cigarettes for a number of years, whereas UK have seen a decline in the number of cigarette smokers.
Unlike UK which acknowledges the role of e-cigarettes in overall tobacco control strategies and affirms the health benefits of smokers switching to e-cigarettes, Thailand reaffirmed its ban on vapes.
Adopting the UK model may help Thailand to reduce their cigarette smoking rates leading to improvements in overall population health.

The United Kingdom’s approach to cessation which endorses harm reduction through the use of safer alternatives to combustible cigarettes stands in contrast to the Thailand policy of banning e-cigarettes and messaging against their use. It is likely this differentiating factor that moved the smoking rates down in the United Kingdom.

Press release: Thailand Should Follow the United Kingdom’s Lead: Examining Tobacco Policy Abroad

Image credit:  WR.lili

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