A Conservative Agenda To Improve Youth Policing In Schools

Key Points

As a vital decisionmaker of whether individuals enter the juvenile justice system, police officers–particularly those in schools–have an enormous impact on young people. When utilized inappropriately, police involvement with school matters can lead to negative unintended consequences, including superseding more appropriate responses to childish misbehavior, through families and communities.
43 percent of all public schools reported having sworn law enforcement officers who routinely carried a firearm. Thus, it is imperative that we have specific policies in place to ensure appropriate and positive interactions between youth and police.
Given the conservative principles of limited, effective government as well as conservatives’ concern for fairness and due process, policymakers can work to minimize law enforcement in school settings, promote positive police-youth interactions, and identify and reduce racial disparities.

…even the most well-intentioned police officers may cause more harm than good by unnecessarily introducing youth to the justice system, interacting with youth in a manner that leads to a negative impression or by exacerbating racial and ethnic disparities in the system.

Press release: The Right Approach to Youth Policing in Schools

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