2023 Public Safety Agenda for Newly Elected Mayors, City Council Members and Local Elected Leaders


Jillian Snider
Policy Director, Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties
Sarah Anderson
Associate Director, Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties

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Mayors, city council members and local elected leaders play a significant role
in protecting our communities through public safety initiatives and ordinances.
Although crime is generally analyzed at either the national or state level, research
shows that crime is a very local issue.

To this end, many cities and localities of varying sizes and demographics, including
large, sprawling cities like Atlanta, Houston and New York, as well as smaller
jurisdictions like Newport News and South Bend, have established Offices of
Violence Prevention
to tackle some of the pressing crime issues facing their
communities. Further, organizations like the National League of Cities and the
U.S. Conference of Mayors have launched programs and taken action to seek local
to public safety issues across the country

Here, we explore some key initiatives and offer recommendations to help newly
elected mayors and city leaders advance smart policy to combat the rise in crime
and promote public safety.

Read the full explainer here.

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