An open letter to Congress on the Farm Bill
Caroline Kitchens

December 11, 2018

Dear Representatives and Senators,

We write on behalf of the millions of Americans we represent in all 50 states to urge you to reject a Farm Bill agreement that combines the…

, Reason
The New Farm Bill Would Send Even More Welfare to the Super Rich (and Their Extended Families)
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From Reason:
The R Street Institute, a free-market think tank, interprets the extended family provision as allowing for “an unlimited number of distant relatives and their spouses to each collect…

R Street Asks Congress to Reject Cronyist Farm Bill
Caroline Kitchens

WASHINGTON (Dec. 11) – The R Street Institute is deeply disappointed with the farm bill conference report released late Monday evening. Rather than include the handful of modest, free-market…

, National Review
Tear Up the Farm Bill and Start Over
Caroline Kitchens

As usual, things are behind schedule in Washington. After months of wrangling, Congress is trying to push a compromise farm bill over the finish line at the eleventh hour by larding it up with…

, SuccessfulFarming
Trump and McConnell Discuss Farm Bill as Part of Lame-Duck Agenda
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From SuccessfulFarming:
“Right now, I’d put the odds at 50/50,” said Caroline Kitchens of the R Street Institute, a think tank. “So far, the House leadership has not backed down on [work…

, Tri-State Livestock News
House GOP, White House forestry demands could bring down farm bill
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From Tri-State Livestock News:

Earlier Monday, a coalition of leftist and right-wing farm bill critics held a news conference in which they said they feared that the final bill would agree to…

Conservative and Free Market Groups: Oppose Any Farm Bill That Expands Egregious Subsidies
Caroline Kitchens

November 16, 2018

Dear Representative/Senator,

The undersigned organizations are leaders in the conservative and free-market community, representing millions of members, supporters, and…

TCS coalition letter: Close Farm Program Payment Loopholes
Caroline Kitchens

Support Senator Grassley’s efforts to ensure that only actual farmers receive taxpayer support.

Lawmakers returning from the campaign trail have some work to do before the next Congress begins…

Coalition letter: Pass a one-year, clean extension of the current Farm Bill
Caroline Kitchens

September 28, 2018

Dear Conferees,

We write on behalf of the millions of Americans we represent in all 50 states to urge you to reconsider the approach to this year’s Farm…

, Town Hall
Down goes the Farm Bill
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R Street cited in Town Hall:

Additionally, it expanded subsidies to include cousins, nieces and nephews, who will be eligible to collect an additional $125,000. Like the newly defined family…