Trump’s New Deal for American Agriculture
Halie Craig

It’s no secret that one of the biggest losers in President Trump’s tit-for-tat tariff wars has been American agriculture. Since 2018, U.S. farm exports have been the favored target of retaliatory…

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Trump’s Trade Wars Have Made Bad Agriculture Policies Worse
Clark Packard

Recent years have been tumultuous for American farmers and ranchers. Thanks to advanced technologies and generous subsidies, their products have become so abundant that the United States usually ends…

Carbon Markets in Agriculture: A Market-Based Conservation Solution
Caroline Kitchens

Voluntary carbon markets in agriculture are indeed at a crucial tipping point. Policymakers have a role to play in bringing greater validity to the markets, which will ensure that this momentum is…

Voluntary Carbon Markets are crucial to lowering greenhouse gas emissions
Alexa Cunniff

WASHINGTON (Oct. 19, 2020)—Voluntary carbon markets allow farmers and foresters to get paid for using climate-friendly practices while helping companies reduce their carbon footprint. Given these…

Subsidies, Tariffs and Trade Wars: A Terrible Harvest for U.S. Agriculture
Clark Packard

Perhaps all of this damage to the American economy, and particularly the agricultural economy, might be justified if China were changing its economic model in a market-oriented way, but early…

Event: Ripe for Reform: Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century
Caroline Kitchens & Jonathan Bydlak & Clark Packard

Between the outbreak of a global pandemic and aggressive trade wars, the last several years have been trying times for America’s farmers and ranchers.

In order to mitigate the damage from…

Modern Day Agricultural Policy Must Include Meaningful Cuts to Domestic Subsidies
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (July 28, 2020)—The Trump administration’s trade wars have been a disaster for American agriculture. As a result, the Trump administration has showered expensive subsidies on farmers and…

Agricultural Policy for the 21ST Century
Clark Packard

The current farm safety net is full of misaligned incentives that are costly for taxpayers and lead to overproduction, which damages the environment while hurting our ability to open foreign markets…

Free-market and conservative groups support the AFFIRM Act
Clark Packard

Dear Member of Congress,

On behalf of the millions of Americans represented by the undersigned organizations, we encourage you to support the recently reintroduced bipartisan Assisting Family…

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Trump’s trade deal with China is just another farm bailout
Halie Craig

The last thing American farmers needed in 2018 was a trade war with China. Commodity prices had been falling since 2013, land values remained stagnant, and net cash income for farms was declining…