R Street Institute Short No. 73: Retaliatory Chinese tariffs are devastating U.S. ranchers and farmers
Ann Phelan

In recent months, the United States and China have been engaged in an escalating trade war that has included retaliatory Chinese tariffs on tens of billions of U.S. exports, with particular…

U.S.-China Trade War: Farmers Caught In The Crossfire
Clark Packard

“Instead of seizing the opportunity to push forward with efforts to open up foreign markets, from trade wars and protectionist bailout schemes, the Trump administration’s policies have moved in the…

The Fallouts of Bailouts
Clark Packard

American farmers and ranchers have spent decades establishing themselves as steady and reliable trading partners. In 2017, the last year before the trade wars began, about 20 percent of farm income…

R Street Institute Welcomes Release of Republican Study Committee FY2020 Budget

WASHINGTON (May 2, 2019) – The R Street Institute welcomes today’s release of the Republican Study Committee FY2020 Budget: Preserving American Freedom. Though R Street does not agree with every…

Trump budget a step in right direction on Ag policy
Caroline Kitchens & Clark Packard

The White House’s position on farm subsidies
has been a bit schizophrenic. Just a few months ago, President Donald Trump
endorsed and signed into law a $900 billion farm bill that dramatically…

, Brown Political Review
How Democrats Won the Farm Bill
Caroline Kitchens

From Brown Political Review:

Unsurprisingly, Caroline Kitchens of the conservative R Street Institute concluded, “There is not a single significant conservative win to be found in the…

, Washington Examiner
Trump’s tariffs are wreaking havoc on farmers
Clark Packard

Farmers and ranchers were a key political constituency for President Trump in 2016. But after a year of trade-policy skirmishes, the president’s policy choices have fallen particularly hard on the…

Inside The Farm Bill: Subsidies For Farmers, Boost For Hemp And More
Caroline Kitchens

From NPR:

Congress sends a massive, bipartisan farm bill to the president’s desk that includes subsidies to farmers and legalizes hemp. We’ll unpack.

Catherine Boudreau, food and…

, Reason
Reason Roundup: Farm bill
Caroline Kitchens

From Reason:
Among other things, it widens “an agricultural subsidy program that’s already been widely criticized for sending benefits to people who, by most measures, would not count as farmers.”…

, Reason
Congress Just Passed a Farm Bill That Legalizes Industrial Hemp. Other Than That, It’s a Disaster.
Caroline Kitchens

From Reason:
But probably the most appalling part of the farm bill is the widening of an agricultural subsidy program that’s already been widely criticized for sending benefits to people who, by…