From In Defense of Liberty:

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Jarrett Dieterle and Shoshana Weissmann of the R Street Institute explain that this problem is growing, and highlight the urgent need for reform. They tell the story of Kim O’Neil, a mom of two who tried desperately to comply with Chandler’s myriad regulations so she could run her unobtrusive medical billing business from her home when her father took ill. Kim’s business had no signs or commercial equipment, didn’t sell goods or store inventory, and wasn’t causing any noise, traffic, or parking issues. Even though she wasn’t changing the character of her neighborhood or bothering her neighbors, the city forced Kim through months of tedious back-and-forth, with ever-increasing demands and legal threats, until she eventually gave up. The ordeal, she said, was “one of the most stressful experiences of my life.”

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