From United Liberty:

Over at R Street, Andrew Moylan makes a fascinating comment regarding President Obama’s recent speech on climate change and his plan to reduce carbon emissions. To wit: doesn’t matter much what your personal opinion is on carbon emissions and their relationship (or lack of relationship) to the already-defined-as-fact (accurately or not) science of climate change, the issue will be addressed by the federal government:

…On climate change and the President’s plan specifically, it’s hard to accept something that will cost the country hundreds of thousands of lost jobs and $1.47 trillion of lost national income by 2030, according to a report by the Heritage Foundation. And, to Moylan’s point, it’s a situation conservatives, libertarians, and those who lean center-right on economic issues should begin to get in front of by doing the work of presenting their own plans to address something people are convinced needs addressing.

…Which is why Moylan’s point is such a good and timely one. This administration deals in hyperbole about these issues — and there’s plenty of debate as to why they do that — while ignoring the issues they should be nearly panicked about (jobs, unsustainable illegal immigration, shrinking markets, deteriorating international relationships). But this is the administration we have and they WILL act on their pet projects, whether conservatives and libertarians agree that those are the pressing issues or not.

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