From the Washington Examiner:

R Street Institute’s western region director, Steven Greenhut, who lives in California, is not convinced that his state’s current government will be up to fixing the problem. “California lawmakers exempted more than 100 professions from their misguided ban on independent contracting, Assembly Bill 5,” he told the Washington Examiner. “But they never bothered to address the impact of their law on trucking, which is one of the most important functions in our economy.”

Greenhut said it was “astounding” that lawmakers didn’t act on this “given the ongoing supply chain disruptions and the backlog at the LA area ports.” He also had some sympathy for the protesters. “I don’t blame the truckers for protesting,” Greenhut said, though he qualified that by saying, “I don’t support halting traffic.”

He added, “The state also has imposed tough diesel emission rules that have already reduced the number of truckers. Instead of running political ads in Florida, perhaps Gov. Gavin Newsom should address these severe problems here in California.”

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