From The Washington Post:

“The Powell suit is a trial run,” Paul Rosenzweig, resident senior fellow, cybersecurity and emerging threats at the R Street Foundation and a former homeland security official, told me. “She obviously does not have $1.3 billion dollars. But there are other people, like for example the Trump campaign, who have a lot more money.”

“This is about finding a venue to make the affirmative case for the election system,” Rosenzweig told me. “Everything so far has been the negative — Republicans and Trump yelling and screaming and fraud because they can’t prove their case. I think Dominion is looking for place to prove they are secure.”

Both Cohn and Rosenzweig believe Dominion has a strong case against Powell. If the company wins, it could send a message to others to think twice about attacking them.

It’s unlikely to end attacks against voting machines and the election process for good, however, Rosenzweig said.

“I don’t think that the Dominion lawsuit will change Republican minds. What it might do is deter other lawyers from frivolous lawsuits,” he told me. “If Sidney Powell is bankrupt by this, the next Sidney Powell may be deterred.”

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