Our police officers have become modern Renaissance men and women. As they face an unheralded demand for their services, officers are expected to simultaneously act as investigators, social workers and emergency medical professionals. At the same time, unprecedented scrutiny has revealed not only the personal failings of a few officers, but the need for officers of all ranks to be well-versed in ethics, community relations and leadership. Often, training in these areas is slow to catch up.

The intense, multifaceted mission of modern law enforcement requires us to look beyond the old brick-and-mortar academies and workshops. Only by unlocking the potential of online learning can we provide our officers with the depth and diversity of training they need to prosper.

We live with a paradox in which our police officers have never been better trained and yet many of them still do not have the training required to be successful.

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Image credit: somsak suwanput

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