From Poker News Daily:

The new panelist is Andrew Moylan, the Executive Director of the R Street Institute, which is, according to its website, a non-partisan think-tank whose mission is “to engage in policy research and outreach to promote free markets and limited, effective government.” Despite the “non-partisan” part of the description, R Street certainly skews conservative; much of the Institute’s focus is on free markets.

Moylan is in no way an expert on poker, but his stance is much more likely to be on the side of online gambling, as he frequently writes about states’ rights issues. It is quite possible he was added as a nod to House Committee on the Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R – VA), who himself is a major proponent of states’ rights. Goodlatte and Moylan are already familiar with each other, as Moylan has submitted testimony to the Committee on the Judiciary in the past. Last year, he submitted sixteen pages of opinion for a hearing on internet sales taxation in which, among other things, he said such taxation would violate states’ rights.

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