From Washington Examiner:

Citing sources who know him, ClearView called Christie, who served in the Marines, a “solid regulator” with a “by the book approach” who appears to favor states’ rights. Christie would become the only state regulator at FERC. That would position him to “repair” fraying relations between the commission and states, says Devin Hartman, R Street’s director of energy and environment policy who previously was a FERC staffer.

Clements has broad experience in environmental and energy advocacy, previously working in private practice advising utilities and independent power producers. Hartman called her a “pro-market Democrat” and “climate pragmatist.”

“Those who want a cleaner and more competitive energy system, as well as those concerned about FERC overstepping its boundaries, should want her in this seat rather than gamble” on a potential more liberal nominee in 2021, Hartman said.

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