Devin Hartman is electricity policy manager and senior fellow with the R Street Institute, where he researches and promotes competitive electricity markets, efficient energy innovation and environmental policies, and sensible electric rate designs.

Devin joined R Street in January 2016, having previously conducted an economic analysis of wholesale electricity markets at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). His areas of focus included renewables integration, environmental regulation, coordination of natural gas and electric industries, and using markets to procure resources to meet reliability needs.

Before FERC, Devin worked at the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, where he spearheaded the initiative to modernize Indiana’s electric-resource planning rule. He led research on risk and uncertainty management, as well as advanced technologies, including electric vehicles, carbon capture and storage, energy storage and distributed generation.

Devin previously served as a fellow at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, conducting air-emissions cost-benefit analysis. He has also advised, provided research for and worked on issue-based campaigns for various energy and environmental nonprofit organizations.

He graduated from Iowa State University with bachelor’s degrees in economics, political science, and environmental studies. He also holds master’s degrees in public administration and environmental science from Indiana University, with concentrations in environmental policy, policy analysis and energy systems and policy.

Devin lives in Washington, recently married the love of his life and would like to acquire a large dog who is friendly, furry and pleasantly rambunctious.

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