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The Case for Clean Slate in North Carolina

Key Points

In North Carolina, 1.6 million North Carolinians, or close to one in five individuals, have a criminal record, with significant barriers to employment and housing as a result. Expunging or clearing records from public view is a great solution that can help these individuals reintegrate with society, support public safety, while stimulating our economy.
Right now there is a huge gap between who is eligible for an expungement versus who actually applies. Automating the process and taking the onus off individuals can help to improve the rates of record clearance.
North Carolina has an opportunity during the upcoming short session to pass the Second Chance Act that would expand eligibility for expungement and automate the clearance of nonconviction records, like dismissals and acquittals.

Ultimately, more North Carolinians can be served through automating the clearance of certain conviction records, as well as by expanding eligibility.

Press release: Why North Carolina Should Take Up Clean Slate Legislation

Image credit: Jiri Flogel

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