R Sheets Cybersecurity

R Sheet on Supply Chain Security

Key Points

Ensuring supply chain integrity is vital to American national security.
Huawei and ZTE are not the only risky foreign companies. Other companies from China and Russia (like Lenovo and Kaspersky Lab) should also be investigated.
If the United States’ approach to supply chain security is not transparent, American citizens will be put at risk.

American national security depends upon supply chain integrity. In today’s world, America’s adversaries often advance their goals by exploiting technological weaknesses, engaging in a range of malicious cyber activities targeted at U.S. government agencies and critical industries. Insufficient protection against the possibility of devastating cyberattacks—against the American electrical grid or command-and-control communications systems during a crisis—could have disastrous consequences for society. Yet, until recently, the United States has lacked a unified strategy to deal with supply chain vulnerabilities. 

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