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FAQ: Is It Safe for Pharmacists to Prescribe Birth Control

Key Points

The pill is the most popular form of hormonal birth control, yet access remains an issue. Many states are allowing pharmacists to train to prescribe birth control as a way to increase access.
Pharmacists can–and do–perform the services required during a consultation for birth control to ensure safe prescription practices. Women report high satisfaction with the pharmacy access model and say they will continue to see a pharmacist for birth control purposes.
The medical community agrees that birth control is safe for deregulation, and allowing pharmacists to prescribe is a step toward that end.

This pharmacy access model expands birth control access in a way that saves time—pharmacists can prescribe and dispense the prescription—and sensibly increases the scope-of-practice that pharmacists can perform. This model is catching on because it takes advantage of pharmacists’ medication expertise, and because it expands access to safe and effective family planning methods.

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