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Be Prepared: Using Florida’s Natural Infrastructure to Combat Climate Change


Josiah Neeley
Director, Texas; Resident Senior Fellow, Energy
Tony Carvajal
Former Executive Vice President, Florida Tax Watch


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Florida has a diverse and beautiful natural environment, ranging from the Everglades to the beaches of the Florida panhandle. The state is also vulnerable to a variety of extreme weather events, such as flooding and hurricanes, which are projected to become more severe in the coming decades due to climate change. Protecting the state against these events could be a costly undertaking. Various proposals seek to minimize the risks through new infrastructure projects such as sea walls. But in deciding how best to adapt to extreme weather risk, Florida should be sure to consider using the state’s “natural infrastructure” to protect itself in a less costly and more sustainable way.

Press release: Florida’s marshes, mangroves and other natural features can help protect the state from climate change

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