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International Trade Commission Reforms: How Far Should They Go?
Alexandra McCandless

WASHINGTON (November 22, 2021)—In discussions of patent policy, the International Trade Commission (ITC) has often flown under the radar. Despite this, it wields significant authority over patent…

The U.S. International Trade Commission: An Empirical Study of Section 337 Investigations
Charles Duan

The smartphone patent wars over the last decade have put a spotlight on a little-known federal agency: the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). Originally a body for managing the…

, Captured Economy
This Week in Intellectual Property, February 9th
Bill Watson

From Captured Economy:

Bill Watson has a new post on the ITC Policy Project discussing the abuse of the ITC by Koninklijke Philips in seeking an exclusion order for the importation of cellular…

, Captured Economy
This Week in Intellectual Property, December 17th
Charles Duan

From Captured Economy:

Charles Duan and Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) have also weighed in to support suspending the patent rights, citing concerns about the potential for patent holders to…

Tech & Innovation: Priorities for 2021 and Beyond
Jeffrey Westling & Wayne Brough

With the pandemic forcing Americans online, the role that technological innovation and deployment play in promoting prosperity has never been more clear. As the new administration begins to…

Tech Policy Update March 2020
Charles Duan

It’s just another March, this is fine, nothing special going on in this month’s R Street Tech, and definitely no theme to the ledes here among our Technology and Innovation Policy department’s…

, Faruqi & Faruqi
Techs Urge Supreme Court To Eliminate IP Damages “Loophole”
Charles Duan

From Faruqi & Faruqi:

An earlier-filed amicus brief, filed by the R Street Institute, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Engine Advocacy, said Apple has given the Supreme Court a chance to…

, The App Association
FTC v. Qualcomm – The Big Tech Antitrust Case Nobody’s Talking About
Charles Duan

From the App Association:
Charles Duan, Director, Technology & Innovation Policy, R Street Institute – Charles gave an overview of R Street Institute’s brief, which pushed back on…

Apple, Inc. v. VirnetX Inc., et al.
Charles Duan

Certiorari is warranted on both questions presented, because they are questions of law that the Federal Circuit has consistently failed to answer, because lack of clarity impacts…

, The Hill
End weaponization of ‘exclusion orders’ and restore the ITC’s original intent
Bill Watson

From The Hill:

This troubling trend is driven by the influx of non-practicing entities (NPEs) seeking ITC exclusion orders to extract huge financial settlements.

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