Time12:00PM1:00PM EST LocationCapitol Visitor Center, SVC 215, Washington, DC, 20515
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National Security Implications of Patents

Recently, the Senate has held various hearings on the subject of patents, and during the course of conversation, Members have begun to address related national security concerns. As a result, it has become necessary to correct the record on the intersection between patents and national security.

In July of this year, Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei, asserted more than 200 patents against Verizon Communications Inc.. Aside from obvious business concerns, these patents present serious national security implications, but perhaps not in the way that the Senate has portrayed thus far. The event will zoom-in on one integral factor– if foreign companies beat the U.S. in emerging technology areas such as 5G or AI we have could have a major security problem.

We pose that these arduous patents are a means by which to slow and inhibit American companies from achieving success in the race to 5G and continued leadership in AI. This conversation is timely, necessary, and high-stakes.


Charles Duan

Policy Director of Technology and Innovation, R Street Institute 

Abby Rives

Intellectual Property Counsel, Engine 

Ian Wallace

Director of the Cybersecurity Initiative at New America

Daniel Takash

Regulatory Policy Fellow, Niskanen Center

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