From Vox:

“One little hiccup along the way and the whole thing could fall apart,” James Wallner, a political scientist with the conservative think tank R Street, who used to be the executive director of the Senate’s steering committee, said.


In the past, this kind of debating, which Wallner says bears similarities to how Harry Reid ran the Senate in the early 2000s, often protected a leadership-driven agreement put on the table. At some point, it’s likely McConnell will propose a substitute amendment, which would replace the shell bill. This would be subject to further amendments, but as Wallner points out, that process is often highly moderated and maintains McConnell’s position as the “gatekeeper,” not to mention that enforcing a 60-vote threshold will make it difficult for most amendments to become part of the final proposal.

“Liberals and conservatives get shortchanged,” Wallner said, as they are the most “out of step with leadership.”

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