From The Washington Post:

What happened last week in the House brought a level of chaos to the normally orderly process of selecting a speaker that had not been seen since the stormy years leading up to the Civil War. Before Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was able to claim the speaker’s gavel, he had to endure 15 rounds of balloting and give a rebellious faction of Republican hardliners pretty much everything it wanted.

But there was one big thing the mutineers were right about: The process of writing and passing laws in the House — which Founding Father George Mason envisioned as the “grand depository of the democratic principle of government” — has strayed far from that ideal. The GOP rebels demanded a new set of rules governing how the chamber would operate.

“Congress is in a very bad spot,” says James Wallner, a Capitol Hill veteran who worked for Republicans in the House and Senate and who now teaches political science at Clemson University. “It is not serving the purpose for which it was designed…”

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