From Democracy Journal:

The absurdity in McConnell’s argument is that the Senate some time ago, on his watch, became all but indistinguishable from the House. The futility of long-serving mainstream senators as they beg for the chance to propose just about anything makes their preening self-importance almost laughable. Further, as James Wallner, a former Republican staffer now at the R Street Institute, points out often, the closing of the Senate depends on the tacit cooperation of almost all the senators of the leader’s party. A few members of McConnell’s caucus could at any time have resisted his tactics and reopened the door through which they could bring their pet ideas, such as Hawley’s proposed changes to the laws affecting Big Tech and social media companies, to the agenda. They chose not to. Just as they chose never to cross the line that might provoke a mean tweet from Donald Trump.

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