From The Center Square:

Jarrett Dieterle, a senior competition policy fellow at R Street, a free-market think tank, said the bill represents an under-told story in Texas—one about the role the Texas alcoholic beverage plays in the state’s economy.

“Growth in this area is exactly the type of growth lawmakers always want—small business growth,” Dieterle told The Center Square in an interview. “These kinds of businesses also offer blue-collar manufacturing jobs and help support local economic growth.”

Dieterle cautioned that modernizing regulations in Texas doesn’t necessarily mean it is easier to sell. The state has a local option law that allows cities and counties to set their own beverage ordinances.

However, Dieterle said there is wide support for making it easier for beverage producers to sell their product in the Lone Star State.

“Modernizing spirits sales can provide a lot of good for local economies, just the way other commercial products can,” Dieterle said.

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