WASHINGTON (July 14, 2017) – The R Street Institute today announced the addition of Joe Kane and Jon Haggerty to its technology and criminal justice policy areas, respectively.

“Joe and Jonathan represent the bright future of our organization,” said R Street President Eli Lehrer. “Each has demonstrated tremendous chops in their time with us as research assistants, and we are delighted to give each their first entry to professional policymaking by bringing them on as full-time policy associates.”

Joe Kane will work primarily on telecommunications, antitrust and intellectual property issues to push for regulatory frameworks that will promote long term innovation. He previously was a graduate research fellow at Mercatus Center, where he worked on telecom, intellectual property and space policy. Joe has a bachelor’s in political science from Grove City College and a master’s in economics from George Mason University.

Jonathan Haggerty’s research centers on jail reform, prisoner reentry, national security, the sharing economy and civil liberties. Jonathan was previously a summer reporting fellow with the Daily Caller News Foundation, where he covered the 2016 election. He is also a contributor to Young Voices Advocates, where he writes on criminal justice reform and the sharing economy. He graduated with a bachelor’s in government from the College of William and Mary in 2016.

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