WASHINGTON (Aug. 1, 2019) – The R Street Institute is deeply disappointed by today’s announcement from President Donald Trump that the administration will levy new 10 percent tariffs on the remaining approximately $300 billion of imports from China beginning Sept. 1.

“The Trump administration’s decision to impose further tariffs on Chinese imports will hurt the American economy. Tariffs are taxes ultimately paid by American families and businesses,” R Street Trade Policy Counsel Clark Packard said. “Not only will these levies hurt American consumers, but if recent history is any guide, they are highly unlikely to change China’s trade practices.”

Rather than levy more unilateral tariffs, R Street urges the White House to use a smarter approach to discipline China, such as by courting like-minded allies and making more aggressive use of the World Trade Organization’s Dispute Settlement System to exert pressure on Beijing to raise its commercial standards.

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