From the Republican National Lawyers Association:

While Democrats claim there’s no way the Post Office can successfully process November’s mail ballots, the Postmaster General’s confidence in the ability of the Post Office has been backed up by independent sources such as a recent report from the R-Street Institute:

But for 2020, [the] worst case scenario grows less likely by the day. Indeed, recent agency financial filings paint a far less bleak picture than was the case at the outset of the pandemic.3 As of March 30, 2020, the USPS had almost $9 billion in cash on-hand, as well as a further $1.5 billion in other current assets, such as restricted cash and net receivables.4 Moreover, mail volumes did not immediately collapse as early predictions implied.Rather, most products saw only the modest declines typical of recent mail trends. In light of this, barring a sudden financial collapse, the postal service will not run out of money before November. Instead, like myriad private businesses, the USPS is keeping its head above water for now, biding time while it waits for the pandemic to subside. And, unlike many others, the agency does not need massive structural reform to keep the lights on through the fall. It already has the resources it needs to prevent any work stoppage that would disrupt a vote-by-mail election, and postal management simply needs to be a good steward of that money to ensure things go smoothly.

The report concludes:

While vote by mail will be new to many, and USPS is…far from a perfect institution, the agency has proven capable of reliably moving government documents for decades. Accordingly, there is little question that, as it has done so many times in the past, it will rise to the occasion… and deliver.

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