From Hot Air:

“Unlike just about every other product on the market today — nearly all of which can arrive at your door in two days — direct-to-consumer alcohol shipping is incredibly limited. While a previous Supreme Court case allowed wineries to ship their bottles to consumers in neighboring states, very few states allow out-of-state retail stores — not to mention breweries and distilleries — to engage in interstate shipments.

Under the logic of the court’s holding in Tennessee Wine, however, allowing in-state shipments of alcohol while forbidding out-of-state shipments violates the Constitution. If more of these laws are challenged accordingly, it could mean that a Michigander could soon be able to have her favorite Vermont beer shop send IPAs directly to her door.

The potential transformative effect of liberalizing alcohol shipping laws could be dramatic. It would allow more online retailers to enter the alcohol space, meaning that Americans across the country could suddenly have the latest craft spirits right at their fingertips. In turn, this would help the country’s growing craft spirit boom expand even further — something that all Americans should be rooting for, given the alcohol sector’s entrepreneurial spirit and vast blue-collar job-creating potential.”

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