From Cyberscoop:

Although this marks a first in cyberwarfare, Paul Rosenzweig, a former deputy assistant secretary for policy at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, tells CyberScoop it’s not a surprising outcome.

“We mistakenly tend to think that the cyber domain exists apart from the physical world, but it doesn’t,” Rosenzweig, a senior fellow at R Street Institute, said. “It was always a claim — an unreasonable claim — that the two wouldn’t intersect. There were some people that had this phrase, ‘what happens in cyber stays in cyber,’ kind of like ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,’ but that wasn’t a realistic expectation.”

“Ever since it was clear cyberweaponry would have physical, kinetic effects it became inevitable that people would start using kinetic weaponry to affect operations in the cyber domain,” Rosenzweig said.

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