From Black America Web:

“As our country takes measures to protect against coronavirus, we can’t afford to forget about the millions of people under the control of our criminal justice system,” said REFORM Alliance’s chief advocacy officer Jessica Jackson. “People in prisons, jails, or under community supervision are more at risk of contracting and spreading the virus, given their age, underlying health conditions, and close contact to each other. Protecting these individuals from coronavirus is not just a moral obligation, but necessary to preserve the health and safety of our communities.”

According to Complex, organizations that have endorsed the plan include the National Urban League, Justice Action Network, the American Conservative Union, and R Street Institute.

REFORM has also launched an online petition calling on the protection of inmates.

“Failing to act could expose tens of thousands of people in prisons and jails across the country to the virus,” reads the petition. “Given the crowded nature of our correctional institutions, an outbreak is likely and would not only endanger people in prisons but also correctional staff and outside communities.”

Folks wanting to address the inmate issue with the governor of their state can visit the REFORM page here.

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