From the FCC:

117 See Small Satellite Operators Comments at 8-12 (arguing small satellite operators also must be eligible to participate in the transition facilitator mechanism); AT&T Reply at 4-9 (arguing that Commission oversight is necessary to fair and efficient transition); CTIA Comments at 9-10 (Commission should require more than 180 megahertz be repurposed); Letter from Stephen Diaz Gavin, Counsel to PSSI Global, L.L.C., to Marlene H. Dortch, Secretary, FCC, GN Docket No. 18-122 (filed Feb. 22, 2019) (arguing no more than 100 megahertz should be repurposed for flexible use); QVC/HSN Comments at 2 (arguing that incumbents should be given no less than 60 months to complete transition); QVC/HSN Reply at 4 (arguing that incumbents need further guarantees regarding protections); R Street Institute Comments at 9-12 (arguing for a clearing target of 300 megahertz); TIA Comments at 4-7 (the Commission should consider additional approaches to make more spectrum available, e.g., through transition to non-C-band solutions); U.S. Electrodynamics Reply at 3-5 (commercial, technical, and operational details regarding the C-Band Alliance Market-Based Mitigation Plan need to be revealed and clearly communicated to stake-holders before any decision can be made).

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