From Center for American Progress:

A past arrest or conviction record should not be a life sentence to poverty and hopelessness. One in three Americans today have some kind of past record that is a barrier to jobs, housing, and/or other avenues to economic mobility. Fortunately, “clean slate” automatic record clearance laws provide a second chance to people with eligible past records to get a job, further their education, support their families, and rebuild their lives. But second chances don’t just benefit people with records; they make life better for all of us.

Please join the Center for American Progress and the Clean Slate Initiative (CSI) for a virtual event on how clean slate policies make our communities safer by increasing employment and opportunities that reduce recidivism and crime.

Introductory remarks:
Nicole Lee Ndumele, Senior Vice President, Rights and Justice, Center for American Progress

Akua Amaning, Director of Criminal Justice Reform, Center for American Progress
Diane Goldstein, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Action Partnership
Tony McCright Jr., Senior Program Specialist for Justice Initiatives, National League of Cities
Jillian Snider, Policy Director for Criminal Justice and Civil Liberties, R Street Institute

Sheena Meade, Executive Director, Clean Slate Initiative

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