There is no lack of appetite for a U.S. federal data privacy law—whether from consumers, businesses, regulators or national security experts. Uncertainty over its details and enforcement, however, has stalled the legislation for years. But this delay has also produced critical research and progress, which has moved the United States closer to the necessary solutions for a federal privacy law.

In recognition of Data Privacy Day, join the R Street Institute to discuss and debate what a data security and data privacy law should contain; existing challenges to progress on the federal level; and pragmatic solutions to data security and data privacy legislation.

This event was part of a joint initiative from the R Street Institute led by Tatyana Bolton; the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center’s Cyber Project led by Lauren Zabierek; and Cory Simpson of Resolute Strategic Services. The initiative aims to identify areas of consensus for, and provide analysis on, the current roadblocks to Data Security and Privacy Legislation.


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