This month, Craig Newmark Philanthropies announced significant seed funding in support of the R Street Institute’s #MakingSpace initiative and the “Cyber-Base,” a partnership between R Street and #ShareTheMicInCyber to increase and support diversity in the cybersecurity, technology and national security fields.

The Cyber-Base will be an online database for organizations to connect with and provide opportunities in the cybersecurity space for Black professionals.

Craig Newmark Philanthropies has long supported ventures that elevate women in technology and projects aimed at securing the internet and related systems from cyberattacks. The #MakingSpace initiative lies at the intersection of both these issues. The initiative is led by cybersecurity expert Tatyana Bolton, director of R Street’s Cybersecurity & Emerging Threats department, in partnership with #ShareTheMicInCyber, a non-profit organization addressing issues stemming from systemic racism in cybersecurity by highlighting the experiences of Black practitioners in this field and catalyzing conversations on race in the industry.

“Sadly, the technology, cyber and national security fields are among some of the least-diverse fields, and the most resistant to change. Not only is this issue long overdue for correction, but the lack of diversity is directly counterproductive to creating sound policy and innovation in these fields,” said Bolton.

“The grant funding from Craig Newmark will help R Street build a platform that will promote new ideas, stronger policies and better cybersecurity. This is just the first step to help create a more equitable and inclusive cybersecurity field,” she added.

#MakingSpace is a coalition of 40 influential organizations and individuals—including #ShareTheMicInCyber—that launched last year with a pledge to increase the diversity of speakers and experts at their events. It was the first step to creating a culture that seeks to nurture talent, elevate a diversity of ideas and individuals, and enhance scholarship within the cybersecurity space.

“I support cybersecurity efforts that are about fairness, and protecting the country. Treat people like you want to be treated. Enlist everyone who can help protect our country against cyber-related warfare, and also, defend our protectors. #MakingSpace is a big part of this effort,” said Craig Newmark.

About R Street: The R Street Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research organization. Our mission is to engage in policy research and outreach to promote free markets and limited, effective government. The Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats department serves as the locus for R Street’s work on cybersecurity threats to national, state and private sector organizations, and the international balance of powers, military strategy and other emerging national security issues. For more information, please visit: Tatyana Bolton can be found on Twitter @technotats.

About Craig Newmark Philanthropies: Craig Newmark is a Web pioneer, philanthropist and advocate. Most commonly known for founding the online classified ads service craigslist, Newmark works to support and connect people and drive broad civic engagement. In 2016, he founded Craig Newmark Philanthropies to advance people and grassroots organizations that are “getting stuff done” in areas that include trustworthy journalism and the information ecosystem; voter protection; women in technology; and veterans and military families. At its core, all of Newmark’s philanthropic work helps to strengthen American democracy by supporting the values that the country aspires to: fairness, opportunity and respect. For more information, please visit: Newark can be found sharing his personal perspective on the issues of the day on Twitter @craignewmark.

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