From The Hill:

“Trump’s efforts have clearly been directed at reassuring about his candidacy and his presidency, and McGahn was a key part of that. It will be interesting to see moving forward how that relationship works with his departure from the White House,” said James Wallner, a former Senate Republican aide who formerly served as the Heritage Foundation’s vice president for research.

“It doesn’t appear like you’ll have another Supreme Court vacancy before the presidential election, and you’ve also had a Senate very focused on confirming a number of circuit and district court nominees in the first two years,” Wallner added.

He said that Trump could be “looking for somebody with a different skill set.”

If Democrats take back the House, Wallner noted that “you’re going to be facing more investigations.”

“The White House counsel presumably would be concerned with questions of executive privilege,” he added. “An attorney who is very well-versed in the judicial selection process may not necessarily be one who’s well-versed in these other areas of responsibility.”

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