From Government Bytes:

In a logic-defying move, the Duluth City Council yesterday voted 6 to 3 to ban e-cigarette use in places where tobacco smoking is also banned. Not only is this another example of overregulation, but it discourages the use of a tobacco-free product that can reduce risk of tobacco-related death or illness by 98 percent or more, according to Dr. Joel Nitzkin of the R Street Institute.

In his testimony to the Duluth City Council, Dr. Nitzkin also pointed out the obvious: e-cigarettes produce a vapor, not smoke, that is almost completely water and contains no carbon monoxide. As such, this vapor poses no health risk to non-users in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, for Duluth residents who enjoy a safe smoking alternative, the nanny-state faction of the City Council ignored this research and passed the ban anyway.

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