From BloombergView:

5. Lee Drutman on a new survey of senior congressional staff that demonstrates just how big a problem congressional capacity has become. Hey, members of Congress: Spend more money on Congress!

6. Casey Burgat on new research that shows the surprising persistence of bipartisanship in (successful) legislating.

7. Megha Bhattacharya on disincentives for talented young people to work for members of Congress. I’ve wished for years that someone would do a study on what happens to the armies of young people who put in a few years as congressional staff before moving on to … well, I don’t know what they go on to. As far as I know, no one does, and no one knows whether they wind up more involved in civic affairs, or disillusioned, or whatever. I’m not so much interested in those who stay and have Washington careers, but those who wind up elsewhere (and, yes, I’m one of those former young congressional staffers. Seems that I retained an interest in politics).


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