Media Mentions


Defund the Pentagon
Jonathan Bydlak

From The Future of Freedom Foundation:

The conservative case was made by Andrew Lautz of the National Taxpayers Union and Jonathan Bydlak of the R Street Institute’s Fiscal and Budget Policy…

, Iowa Capital Dispatch
Expert: Iowa should share more data on traffic stops to fight police bias
Arthur Rizer

From Iowa Capital Dispatch:
Arthur Rizer, a former police officer and U.S. Army veteran who directs the criminal justice and civil liberties program for Washington, D.C.-based free-market think…

, CBS News
Riot declared in Portland after police union building set on fire
Paul Rosenzweig

From CBS News:

Paul Rosenzweig, who served in the Department of Homeland Security under Republican President George W. Bush, described the actions of federal agents in Portland as “on the…

, Inside Sources
Biden’s Broadband Plan Would Promote Risky Taxpayer-Funded Networks
Jeffrey Westling

From Inside Sources:

Jeffrey Westling, a fellow in innovation and technology policy at the Libertarian-leaning R Street Institute, told TPA that Biden’s plan would put taxpayers at risk by…

Reynolds to hold FOCUS meeting about criminal justice reform
Arthur Rizer

From KCCI:

Speakers include representatives from the Des Moines Police Department, Iowa State Patrol, Department of Transportation, R Street Institute and the Governor’s Office of Drug Control…

, azcentral.
Let’s reduce Arizona’s prison population and give sentencing discretion back to judges
Arthur Rizer

From azcentral.:

Calling this policy radical and politically divisive, they fail to mention the support of leading conservative groups, including Americans for Prosperity, American Conservative…

, The Washington Post
Trump lets on that his attack on voting-by-mail is fake
Eli Lehrer

From The Washington Post:

A recent open letter sent to congressional leaders underscores these points. The document, signed by Stan Veuger of the conservative American Enterprise Institute, Eli…

, Forbes
COVID Will Not Delay The FCC‘s 5G Spectrum Auction
Tom Struble

From Forbes:

Unsurprisingly wide range of policy actors advocating for consumers, taxpayers, and national security support the C-band proceeding.

, American Action Forum
FCC Moves to Reduce Costs of Phone Calls from Prison
Emily Mooney & Nila Bala

From American Action Forum:

Among those incarcerated, roughly 40 percent are reported to be struggling with a mental health issue, and more than half are struggling with drug use or…

, The Rum Lab
Rum Connoisseur Interview Of The Week
C. Jarrett Dieterle

From The Rum Lab:

To some experts, the report raises a lot of questions while ignoring obvious answers that already exist. “My general view is that it does not really produce any evidence that the…