Media Mentions


, The New York Times
National Security Wiretap System Was Long Plagued by Risk of Errors and Omissions
Jim Baker

From The New York Times:
But the damage to the career of Mr. Resnick, who died in 2011, may have been more effective than any policy response, said James A. Baker, who oversaw the FISA process for…

, Foreign Policy
A Wasted Opportunity on Trade
Clark Packard

From Foreign Policy:

“Support for free trade reaches new high in NBC/WSJ poll,” read an NBC News headline last August. “In the poll, 64 percent of Americans—including majorities of…

, National Interest
A New D.C. Suburb Bus Stop Should Have Cost $20,000 to Build. Instead, It Cost $1 Million.
Kevin Kosar

From National Interest:

Kevin Kosar flagged a news story yesterday about Washington’s terribly mismanaged transit agency. ABC7’s Sam Sweeney found:
Metro has spent $3.8 million and taken…

, Palmetto Promise
South Carolina on the verge of removing obstacles to work for military spouses
Marc Hyden

From Palmetto Promise:

Marc Hyden, with R Street Institute in D.C., wrote in support of Georgia’s bill, noting that other states are implementing this model. It is exciting to see South…

, Faruqi & Faruqi
Techs Urge Supreme Court To Eliminate IP Damages “Loophole”
Charles Duan

From Faruqi & Faruqi:

An earlier-filed amicus brief, filed by the R Street Institute, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Engine Advocacy, said Apple has given the Supreme Court a chance to…

, Pursuit
Restoring Trust in Federal Trust Funds
Kevin Kosar

From Pursuit:

While proactive conflict from Congress may seem like a bygone era, the legislation encourages long-missed open debate on a major public concern with no rigid policy prescriptions on…

, Lincoln Policy
Symposium on technology assessment
Tony Mills

From Lincoln Policy:

In July of last year, Lincoln Network announced a call for papers on the future of technology assessment and science advice for Congress. The following papers from the first…

, Insurance Journal
Think Tank Urges Flood Insurance Program to Stop Enabling Building in High Risk Areas
R.J. Lehmann

From Insurance Journal:

The threat of sea-level rise should force policymakers to rethink policies that encourage development in flood-prone regions. One place to start is with the National Flood…

Five reasons Congress should not block-grant the federal Charter Schools Program
Virginia Gentles

From Thomas B. Fordham Institute:

Appleseed, as it has since the early 1990s, and fund the creation of new schools so they can serve more kids. In this way, they aren’t anything “like the…

, reason
California Politicians Double Down on Encouraging People To Live in Wildfire-Prone Areas
R.J. Lehmann

From reason:

Limited in their ability to raise rates, insurance companies have responded by issuing fewer new policies, and renewing fewer old ones in the riskiest areas of the state. That’s…