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, Vaping360
14 Days to Prohibition: New York and Michigan Pass Flavor Bans
Carrie Wade & Jesse Kelley

From Vaping 360:

That provision of the rule was probably changed because it received a lot of negative attention, including in a Detroit News op-ed by Jesse Kelley and Carrie Wade of the…

, Pursuit
The Tale of the Most Powerless Power Players in Washington
James Wallner

From Pursuit:

In spite of everything, rank-and-file legislators should be encouraged to have a level of confidence similar to the rhetoric of their party leaders. As R Street Institute Senior…

, National Review
Thanks to Michigan’s New Vaping Rules, It Looks Like I’m Going to Prison
Carrie Wade & Jesse Kelley

From National Review:

According to a piece in the Detroit News — co-written by Jesse Kelley, a criminal-defense attorney and the government-affairs manager for criminal justice at the…

, American Bar Association
Leadership Committee Members
Jim Baker

From American Bar Association:

James A. Baker, Director, National Security and Cybersecurity, The R Street Institute, also a Visiting Fellow at Lawfare and the Brookings Institution, former…

Building a 21st Century Congress: Improving Congress’s Science and Technology Expertise
James Wallner

From Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs:
209 Some scholars dispute the value of analyzing DW-NOMINATE scores, arguing that the underlying methodology exaggerates ideological…

, Splinter
Michigan’s New Anti-Vape Rules Are Totally Insane
Jesse Kelley & Carrie Wade

As Jesse Kelley and Carrie Wade of the conservative R Street Institute think tank note in a recently published opinion piece for The Detroit News, the new rules criminalize anyone simply owning four…

, The Blaze
Michigan’s e-cigarette ban comes with harsh penalties — potentially years in prison for violators
Carrie Wade & Jesse Kelley & Shoshana Weissmann

Earlier this month, Michigan became the first state to ban flavored e-cigarettes, and according to the Detroit News, the penalties for violators are extremely harsh.

In an opinion column written…

, American Banker
Is multiple choice the right way to go on cybersecurity standards?
Paul Rosenzweig

From American Banker:

“Some of NIST’s rules are becoming more flowy,” says Paul Rosenzweig, a senior fellow at the R Street Institute and a law professor at George Washington University….

, GQ
Michigan’s Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes Could Put Kids in Jail
Jesse Kelley & Carrie Wade

From GQ:

As noted in a Detroit Newsop-ed penned by Jesse Kelley and Carrie Wade of the conservative R Street Institute, Michigan’s criminal code automatically treats 17-year-olds as adults,…

, Fox 5
Paul Rosenzweig on Fox 5 News On The Hill
Paul Rosenzweig

Paul Rosenzweig of the National Security at R Street Institute talks next steps for national security after John Bolton’s departure from the Trump administration.