This week, the R Street Institute and #SharetheMicinCyber launched CyberBase, an online database for Black professionals in the cybersecurity field. This resource is aimed at supporting and empowering them to help address the national security challenges of tomorrow. CyberBase is one component of the ongoing Making Space Initiative, which was launched in October 2020 with more than 20 coalition allies, each of whom have pledged to boost diversity at their affiliate cybersecurity events and conferences.

“We need diversity in this industry in every sense of the word—new people, new solutions and new ways of recruiting individuals to this critical space—if we are to effectively address tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges,” said Jumoke Dada, project manager for the Making Space Initiative at the R Street Institute.

CyberBase is a curated talent list open to recruiters, policymakers, journalists and other decision-makers as they seek more diverse input and solutions from a broad array of experts in the cybersecurity field. The collective network covers the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The R Street Institute and its partners are actively recruiting professionals for CyberBase and encouraging their wide networks to nominate new experts and share the tool widely across their networks.

Tatyana Bolton, policy director for the Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats team at the R Street Institute added: “The Making Space Initiative aims to put an end to the excuse that organizations, leaders and policymakers cannot find diverse professionals in the cybersecurity field.”

CyberBase launched with an event featuring a panel of cybersecurity experts from the public and private sector addressing these same issues.

Learn more and nominate new experts for CyberBase at