C. Jarrett Dieterle is director of commercial freedom policy and a senior fellow for the R Street Institute. His research and writing focus on regulatory affairs, alcohol policy, occupational licensing and other commercial freedom issues. He also oversees the institute’s postal, labor, and disintermediation policy programs.

Jarrett joined R Street in January 2017, having previously worked as a regulatory attorney at a Washington law firm. In that role, he advised private companies on how to navigate complex regulatory regimes, as well as helping them to challenge overreaching regulations. His practice also included appellate advocacy, including co-authoring several Supreme Court amicus briefs. He previously clerked for a federal judge on the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

Jarrett has worked and written for numerous policy organizations and think tanks, including the Reason Foundation, Manhattan Institute, Mackinac Center, Federalist Society, Institute for Justice, Atlantic Legal Foundation and the Washington Legal Foundation.

Jarrett earned his bachelor’s from the University of Richmond, with a major in political science and minor in economics. He received his juris doctor from Georgetown University Law Center.

Jarrett currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with his wife, Maria, and their Australian shepherd, Pepper.

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