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Framework for Federal Election Reform – One Page Summary


The Bipartisan Policy Center, the American Enterprise Institute, Issue One, R Street, and Unite America’s framework for bipartisan election legislation. (Individual policy recommendations are endorsed by this group as part of a comprehensive package.) 


These policy suggestions draw on recommendations made by BPC’s Task Force on Elections, a bipartisan group of 29 state and local election officials from 20 states.

Voter Registration

  • Perform voter list maintenance at regular intervals
  • Prohibit external groups from using undelivered mail to target voters for removal from voter rolls
  • Implement automated voter registration
  • Connect online voter registration systems

Casting a Ballot

  • Verify voter identity using a variety of identification options
  • Implement early voting at least 7 days before a federal election
  • Provide absentee voting options to all voters

How it Works

  • We propose an incentive-based system: states that meet the minimum standards would receive federal funding.
  • Our proposal would close the gaps in the American voting experience, ensuring an election system that puts voters first by being fair, accessible, secure, and transparent.

Cyber & Physical Security

  • Participate in a cyber navigator’s program
  • Adhere to minimum cybersecurity standards 
  • Strengthen efforts to protect election officials from threats and harassment
  • Bolster physical security and doxing training

Counting the Vote

  • Begin pre-processing mail ballots seven days before Election Day
  • Count mail ballots received by the close of polls
  • Conduct audits after each federal election

Read the full report here.

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