Archer Barkhall

Archer Barkhall

Director of Canine Policy

About Archer

Archer Barkhall researches squirrel-chasing initiatives and policies that advance the freedom of barking. Before coming to R Street, he was a senior fellow with the American Aussiedoodle Institute. He is excited to join the R Street team and promote bipawtisan solutions.

Archer completed training with the prestigious Fur-Get Me Not school for dogs in Arlington, Virginia. While he did not graduate top of his class, he did greatly appreciate all of the treats. In the process, he also managed to learn several commands, including sit, stay, come and—his favorite—high-five.

In his free time, Archer enjoys extracting squeakers from toys and barking at the mailman.

Archer lives in Maryland with R Street Federal Affairs Manager Canyon Brimhall.

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