Comments of the R Street Institute

In response to the Federal Trade Commission’s request for comments dated June 20, 2018, the R Street Institute respectfully submits the following comments. Submitted in advance of the hearings planned to be held, these are intended to identify topics for those hearings and will likely be supplemented by more detailed analysis afterward.

This comment is one of several that R Street is submitting, pursuant to the Commission’s request of a separate comment per topic. This comment relates to Topic 2 on competition and consumer protection issues in communication, information, and media technology networks.

R Street supported reinstituting the Commission’s jurisdiction over broadband Internet access service (“broadband”), and is encouraged by the readiness it has shown to be a “cop on the beat.” The Commission is well situated to evaluate broadband and other communications, information and media services through the lens of consumer welfare, which can ensure that the Internet remains free and open to users and entrepreneurs alike.

In the upcoming hearings, we therefore encourage the Commission to consider at least the following topics.

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