, Reason
States Stubbornly Slow To Fix Antiquated Alcohol Laws
C. Jarrett Dieterle

Last week’s election results contained many surprises, including the failure of the much-ballyhooed “red wave.” Another surprising result was the unexpected difficulty that alcohol-related ballot…

, Arizona PBS
Elections officials: 500,000 ballots still out, but vote count on track
Ryan Williamson

From Arizona PBS:

WASHINGTON – Arizona election officials said Thursday there were still more than 500,000 ballots to be counted from Tuesday’s elections, but they insisted they are still on…

, Casper Star Tribune
Lawmakers table sweeping election reform bill, move forward ranked-choice pilot
Matt Germer

From Casper Star Tribune:

Ranked-choice voting could lessen what Matthew Germer, a researcher at the nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization R Street Institute, called…

, Wyoming News
Lawmakers address election issues with four bills
Matt Germer

From Wyoming News:

“Instant-runoff elections that use ranked-choice voting helps to create more accountability for the voters,” R Street Institute researcher Matthew Germer said. “It removes…

, Orange County Register
‘Get off my lawn’ crowd braces for new housing laws
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO – In its opposition to a new state law that eliminates parking requirements for developments located near transit lines, the city of Newport Beach offered this whiny complaint to the…

, The American Spectator
California’s Direct Democracy Doldrums
Steven Greenhut

From The American Spectator:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Given that the homeless situation is spiraling out of control across California, most readers wouldn’t be surprised that the highest-profile…

Radio: Poor Zoning Laws Make Child Care too Expensive for Utahns
Kelli Pierce

From Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson:

Utah is famous for being one of the youngest states in the nation thanks to their high birthrate. However, childcare in the state is incredibly expensive….

, Orange County Register
It’s simply wrong to use immigrants as political pawns
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO – I’m old enough to remember the days when Republicans welcomed the victims of communism to our shores – not just for the obvious humanitarian reasons, but for the political…

, Orange County Register
California demands EVs, but can’t even keep the power on
Steven Greenhut

From Orange County Register:

SACRAMENTO – One of the mainstays of California’s state government is the obvious disconnect between its leaders’ highfalutin rhetoric – and the real-world…

, The American Spectator
New Bill Proves California Democrats Learned Nothing From AB 5
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO, Calif — Only three years ago, California’s Democratic legislators stumbled upon an amazing “easy button” idea for boosting the wages and benefits of ride-share drivers and other…

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