The Death Penalty in Arizona
Arthur Rizer & Camille Infantolino

Arizona has not executed any person on death row since Joseph Wood’s contentious execution in 2014. Despite this hiatus, Attorney General Brnovich has proposed that the state resume the practice….

Federal siege of Portland is scarier than the protesters
Steven Greenhut

A funny thing happened after unidentified federal agents – dressed like storm troopers from a dystopian novel – reportedly grabbed protesters off the streets of Portland, Oregon, and shoved them…

, Education Week
AFT and NEA Join Push for National Overhaul of Police Practices
Steven Greenhut

From Education Week:

And some conservatives have expressed unease about police unions in addition to teachers’ unions.

Letter to Colorado DOI RE: COVID-related credit events
R.J. Lehmann

I write to you as director of finance, insurance and trade policy for the R Street Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan public-policy research organization whose mission is to engage in policy…

, The Kansas City Star
Missouri Republicans shouldn’t fear voting by mail. It boosts democracy for everyone
Marc Hyden

Missouri is currently embroiled in a lawsuit over whether Missourians have a legal right to cast absentee ballots in light of the deadly coronavirus. State officials say that the epidemic is not an…

, Insurance Journal
COVID-19 Should Force Rethink of Wisdom of Monopoly State Funds
R.J. Lehmann

The COVID-19 outbreak is expected to hit the workers’ compensation insurance market hard. After a long stretch of declining costs that saw rates fall nationwide from 2015 to 2019, claims for workers…

, Washington Examiner
Open the telehealth floodgates to combat coronavirus
Shoshana Weissmann & Courtney Joslin

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump announced that the federal government will remove certain federal barriers to telehealth access. Now, Medicare beneficiaries can access a range of…

, The American Spectator
Taking Aim at the Licensing Scam
Steven Greenhut

California has the largest number of active military members in the nation, who live on relatively low salaries in this exceedingly expensive state. To make matters worse, the state has enacted…

, Herald Net
More deserve a fair path to a clean slate
Arthur Rizer & Nila Bala

Even after serving their time and paying their debts to society, many Washingtonians are held back by a criminal record, which locks them out of many opportunities for a lifetime. Luckily, Washington…

In Support of House Bill 2809
Steven Greenhut

Dear Chairman Kern,

The R Street Institute is writing to support House Bill 2809, which provides fee reductions to occupational license holders when the licensing fund exceeds 50 percent of its…