Letter to the Mayor of Boulder, CO on Harm Reduction
Steven Greenhut

Dear Mayor Jones,
I am writing in regard to Boulder’s proposed ordinance, which would ban the sale of flavored-tobacco products in Boulder, including most vaping products. I am the Western…

, The Aspen Institute
Flying This Summer? You Deserve Independent Regulators
Steven Greenhut

From The Aspen Institute:

You shouldn’t need a costly license to shampoo someone’s head.

, Catalyst
Arizona Considers New Airbnb Regulations
Nick Zaiac

In recent years, Arizona has been a national leader in reforming and streamlining its regulations. Gov. Doug Ducey and others have made clear that the state’s economy is more vibrant when people…

, Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Colstrip bill puts corporation before consumers
Travis Kavulla

If Senate Bill 331 is about saving Colstrip, why is it focused on a NorthWestern bailout?

In 1913, Montana set up a fairly straightforward bargain: Utilities owned by private investors could be…

Oregon Should Reject Third-Party Bad Faith
R.J. Lehmann

The experience of Oregon’s neighbors California and Washington both demonstrate that permitting third-party bad-faith lawsuits invites litigation costs that inevitably threaten the availability…

R Street Policy Study: Oregon Should Reject Third-Party Bad Faith
Ann Phelan

SALEM (March 4) – This week the Oregon State Legislature will consider legislation to create a direct cause of action for third parties to sue insurance companies for their claims settlement…

Letter: Washington HB 1873
Steven Greenhut

Dear Representative Tarleton:

I am writing to oppose HB 1873, which would expand the definition of tobacco to include vaping products.

I am the Sacramento-based Western region…

Arizona bill recognizes that workers don’t lose skills at state border
Steven Greenhut

President Thomas Jefferson predicted the future happiness of Americans provided, “(W)e can but prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretense of taking care of…

, Politico
Politico’s California Playbook
Steven Greenhut

From Politico’s California Playbook:
“Opinion: Charters blast Gavin Newsom, but did they shoot their own feet?,’’ by Steven Greenhut in the Los Angeles Daily News: “The real surprise is that…

, HIVPlus Mag
Anti-vaping vote a set back for poz health
Damon Jacobs

On Tuesday, June 5th, San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition E, which is intended to ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products for adults over the age of 21.

Included in this…