, Governor Doug Ducey
2021 Year in Review: Arizona’s Occupational Licensing Reform Continues to be a National Model
Steven Greenhut

From Governor Doug Ducey:

R Street Institute, Western Region Director Steven Greenhut
“Analyzing and unraveling the long list of licensing rules required by each state government is a tough and…

Retail Choice for Electricity Could be Coming to Arizona
Josiah Neeley

When schoolchildren are taught about our system of government, they learn that there are three branches: a legislative branch, that makes the law; an executive branch that implements it; and a…

, California Policy Center
It’s time to end government-run schooling
Steven Greenhut

From California Policy Center:

One ally in this fight is Steve Greenhut, Western region director for the R Street Institute, who recently wrote an op-ed in the Orange County Register on the…

It’s time for out-of-the-box thinking about school reform
Steven Greenhut

Do you ever get the sense that fixing our nation’s ill-functioning public-education system is like trying to retrofit a belching, century old coal-fired power plant into a modern, clean-energy…

, The American Spectator
Tormenting the Public
Steven Greenhut

The California Legislature obviously has far more important issues to address than the wildfires that are raging across the state and the empty reservoirs that are leading local water agencies to…

, Orange County Register
Land-use bill promotes freedom and property rights
Steven Greenhut

SACRAMENTO – Conservatives promote the importance of property rights, free markets, regulatory reform, small businesses, family values and the need to reduce the power of unelected bureaucrats. In…

, The American Spectator
Progressives Declare Credit Scores Are Racist
Steven Greenhut

The latest battle against structural racism has taken a bizarre turn, as progressives have declared that the use of credit scoring for determining certain financial decisions is inherently…

, VapingPost
Utah Pushing For Nicotine Caps To “Protect Minors”
Steven Greenhut

From VapingPost:

“The proposed regulation would reduce the nicotine cap to 3 percent,” said Steven Greenhut, a resident senior fellow at the R Street Institute, in a blog post. “Currently,…

New Report: Efforts in Four States Follow Arizona in Proposed and Ongoing Partisan “Audits” of 2020 Election
William Gray

Efforts Underway in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Despite Audits by Election Officials Finding No Evidence of Widespread Fraud

The Brennan Center for Justice, Protect…

Partisan Election Review Efforts in Five States
Matt Germer & Jonathan Bydlak

This is a joint report by the Brennan Center for Justice, Protect Democracy and the R Street Institute.


More than seven months after Arizona officials certified the 2020…

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