Testimony in Support of Pharmacist-Prescribed Birth Control, Nevada Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor
Courtney Joslin

Chair Jauregui, Vice-Chair Carlton, and members of the Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor:

My name is Courtney Joslin and I am a resident fellow for the R Street Institute, a nonprofit,…

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Drug Decriminalization in Oregon: How’s It Going So Far?
Chelsea Boyd

From Filter:

R Street Institute supported the production of this piece through a restricted grant to The Influence Foundation, which operates Filter.

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Is Arizona heading toward a historic megadrought?
Steven Greenhut

From Az Family:

So what does this mean and are there things that can be done to prevent this? Steven Greenhut wrote a book on it called “Winning the Water Wars.” He says the issue goes beyond…

“Clean Slate” bill helps Oregonians get a second chance
Steven Greenhut

During my last stint on jury duty, the judge asked us whether we—or our closest relatives—had ever been arrested or incarcerated. To my surprise, more than half of the group raised their hands….

Arizona GOP embraces cynical “election integrity” effort
Steven Greenhut

After losing two recent U.S. Senate races and seeing the state’s voters award the state’s presidential electors to Democrat Joe Biden, Arizona Republicans have come up with a not-so-savvy new…

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Doug Ducey Prepares to Lead Arizona Into the Post-Pandemic World
Shoshana Weissmann

From Governing:

Arizona recognizes professional licenses issued in other states in nearly all cases, meaning that when people move to Arizona, their license comes with them. “He genuinely was…

In support of Washington Senate Bill 5259
Steven Greenhut

Dear Rep. Goodman,

I’m the Western region director for the R Street Institute, which is a nonprofit public policy research organization that promotes freer markets and limited, effective…

Letter to Utah Governor Cox Opposing SB 228— Electronic Free Speech Amendments
Shoshana Weissmann

Governor Cox:

We write to urge you to veto Senate Bill 228, Electronic Free Speech Amendments. If enacted, this bill faces serious constitutional challenges, threatens the well-being of…

Improving Arizona’s Elections
Paul Rosenzweig & Steven Greenhut

Which would you rather have, a big, expensive toaster that only made toast one way and sometimes burnt the toast, or a smaller, more efficient, less costly toaster that could be adjusted to make…

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Epic Games And Match Group Are Pushing States To Pass App Store Regulation That Would Hurt Apple And Google
Steven Greenhut

From Forbes:

While state Republicans have largely been receptive, libertatian groups, such as Koch-backed Americans For Prosperity and the R Street Institute, say the bills make unnecessary…