R Street comments in the matter of transforming the 2.5 GHz band
Joe Kane

In this proceeding, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC” or “Commission”) seeks to transform the 2.5 GHz band (2496–2690 MHz), which has been assigned to Educational Broadband…

Smart ideas: Just say no to duck boats and government 5G
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From National Journal Daily Extra AM:

Joe Kane, writing for the R Street Institute
A bipartisan bill from Sens. Ted Cruz and Catherine Cortez Masto that would prevent the government from…

, The American Spectator
Congress should focus on regulatory inhibitors to broadband growth
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From The American Spectator:
Rather than throw more taxpayer money at the problem, Congress should look to help ease the regulations that are inhibiting high-speed internet growth. Tom Struble,…

R Street Institute statement on the introduction of the E-FRONTIER Act
Ann Phelan

WASHINGTON (July 25, 2018) – The R Street Institute today expressed support for the Eliminate From Regulators Opportunities to Nationalize The Internet In Every Respect Act (E-FRONTIER Act),…

Cruz, Cortez Masto right to seek ban on 5G nationalization
Joe Kane

What cell phone carrier do you use? Some in Washington think it should be Uncle Sam.

In January, leaked documents showed that the National Security Council had considered creating a nationalized…

, Fox & Hounds
California’s ‘net neutrality’ bill is about national politics, not policy
Steven Greenhut

California legislators make a good point about “net neutrality” – the concept that the Internet should remain open and that Internet providers shouldn’t use access to their services to…

, The Daily Signal
California man arrested after threatening to murder the family of FCC’s Ajit Pai
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From The Daily Signal:

Last November, The Daily Signal reported on Pai’s remarks at the R Street Institute, where he addressed the hostility he personally faced because of his stance on…

, Washingtion Post
Trump eyes executive order expanding power to block deals between U.S., foreign telecom firms
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From Washington Post:

“This is manifestly an abuse of the limited discretion the law gives the president” to respond to foreign economic threats, said Paul Rosenzweig, a homeland security…

“You’re not the boss of me!”: The ITC’s order against Comcast is an overreach of federal agency power
David Bahr

Washington (June 21) – The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), a federal agency that deals with foreign trade, has issued an order against Comcast, a purely domestic company that engages in…

, Reason
California Democrats Want to Bring Back Net Neutrality
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From Reason:
“An example of this becoming an issue is with Portland,” Tom Struble, technology policy manager at the R Street Institute, told Reason. “In 2002, Portland, Oregon tried to reclassify…