Two Sides of the Story: Dual Agency Approach to Spectrum Management
Corinne Day

WASHINGTON (Oct. 4, 2021) — Cracks in the spectrum management system in the United States have shaken up the spectrum licensing process and injected uncertainty into telecom markets.


Rivalrous Regulators: Historical Analysis of the Dual Agency Approach to Spectrum Management
Jeffrey Westling


As we move into the 5G world, access to radio frequencies has become an ever-present challenge for operators. Services need the legal certainty that their networks can function…

, American Action Forum
Technology and Telecommunications Policy in the Executive Order on “Promoting Competition in the American Economy”
Joe Kane

From American Action Forum:

Over three years after the Restoring Internet Freedom Order removed the Title II classification of ISPs and ended net neutrality requirements, the hyperbolic…

FCC paves way for device innovation
Corinne Day

R Street Institute applauds FCC for helping new, innovative devices reach market faster

Last week, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced a report…

Vanlife Challenges in a Cyber World
Franklin Lee

It was a late, cold winter night in 2019. Tightly wrapped in a sleeping bag inside a van parked at a local Walmart in Hyattsville, MD, I desperately tapped my phone, attempting to refresh my cellular…

Introducing ITIF’s Broadband Myth Series
Joe Kane

From Information Technology & Innovation Foundation:

Yet widespread fears of website blocking and speed throttling never materialized (as any dispassionate observer could have predicted), and…

Comments of R Street Institute Opposing the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s Petition for Rulemaking
Jeffrey Westling

 I.     Introduction & Summary
As society continues to adapt to the digital world, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) stands at the forefront to facilitate the development and…

, Communications Daily
Free-Market Scholars, Business Groups Reject California Net Neutrality Law
Jeffrey Westling

From Communications Daily:

California may not require net neutrality due to field preemption, said a group of free-market communications law scholars in an amicus brief Thursday in DOJ’s…

, Communications Daily
Jeffrey Westling

From Communications Daily:

R Street Institute Resident Fellow-Technology and Innovation Jeffrey Westling clarified that he doesn’t agree with a past position of a client of NTIA acting…

CTIA-US Telecom Petition for Rulemaking and Declaratory Ruling Regarding Certain Pro Forma Transactions
Jeffrey Westling

I. Introduction
Transactions involving radio operating rights often involve significant administrative costs for both the parties involved and the Commission. As only a limited number of operators…

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